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2010 Fall National Wetlands Monitoring & Assessment Work Group (NWMAWG) Workshop

December 7-9, 2010
Raleigh, NC
Theme: Monitoring and Assessment to Support State and Tribal Wetland Protection

State and Tribal Wetland Regulatory Programs
Roundtable Discussion: Use of monitoring and assessment information in the development of a state wetland regulatory program
   - Michelle Henicheck, VA DEQ
   - Tammy Hill, NC DENR
   - Barb Scott, KY DOW: Kentucky 401 WQC Program
   - Mick Miccachion, OH EPA
   - Ted Walsh, NH DEC:

Summary Presentation: John Mack, Cleveland Metroparks

Watershed Planning and Wildlife Management
   - Joanna Lemly, CO NHP: Statewide Strategies for Colorado Wetlands
   - Alison Rogerson, DE DNREC: Delaware’s Restoration and Protection in a Watershed Context
   - Ted LeGrange, NE Games & Parks: Rainwater Basin Wetland Ecology and History, Data Collection- Level 1 and 3 - How the data are being used
State and Regional Intensifications of the NWCA
   - Tom Bernthal, Wisconsin
   - Rick Savage, North Carolina
   - Ted LeGrange, Nebraska
   - Mike Bourdaghs, Minnesota
   - Kathleen Walz, New Jersey
   - Mike Ell, ND

NWCA Pre-Sampling Activities
Presenter: Dennis McCauley, Great Lakes Environmental Center
Pack'em, Track'em, Sack'em: NWCA Data Processing, Shipping and Information Management
Presenter: Michael Scozzafava, US EPA HQ
Preparation for the Field Trip
Presenter: Elizabeth Riley, EPA
ASWM Update on Mapping Coalitions
Presenter: Jane Awl, ASWM