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Welcome to CTIC Dialogues. Our goal is to host dynamic panel discussions on various topics in conservation agriculture.
You can see our most recent panel discussion on the Economic and Ecological Benefits of Agricultural Conservation Systems below.
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0:21 -- How do you quantify the value and benefits of agricultural conservation systems?

4:04 -- How can data be used for market-based incentives for conservation agriculture in the future?

5:54 -- What educational tools are needed to attract more producers to a systems approach on conservation? How should that information be disseminated?

10:15 -- What is the role of the federal government in providing incentives for establishing agricultural conservation systems?

12:07 -- What is the agriculture industry's role in providing incentives for establishing agricultural conservation systems?

14:41 -- How should stakeholders work with organizations like CTIC to spread the conservation agriculture message?

17:28 -- What innovations, opportunities and challenges will be presented for conservation in the future?

22:36 -- How should sustainability be defined?

26:22 -- Credits
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