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Tillage Type Definitions

Crop Residue Management (CRM)

A year-round system beginning with the selection of crops that produce sufficient quantities of residue and may include the use of cover crops after low residue producing crops. CRM includes all field operations that affect residue amounts, orientation...More

Crop Rotation - Core 4

Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation is changing the crops grown in a field, from year to year.

How it works

Crops are changed year by year in a planned sequence. Crop rotation is a common practice on sloping...More

Conservation Tillage Photos and Graphics


Click on image to view full size version. To download image when viewing full-size, click your right mouse button on the graphic and choose the "save image" option. All images are 300 dpi resolution minimum. Please feel free to use these photos and...More

Soil Quality: More than a Soil Test

Productive soil builds the foundation for any successful cropland. The higher soil quality, the better it performs. Whether producing organic matter, cycling nutrients, filtering water or other critical functions, soil quality is a key ingredient in the Core 4 Conservation recipe...More

National Tillage Trends 1990-2004

Conservation Tillage Types - over 30% cover after planting..more

A Dozen Do's for Successful No Till Corn Following Soybeans

Equip Your Combine to Chop and Evenly Spread Residue..more

Top 10 Conservation Tillage Benefits

Conservation tillage systems offer numerous benefits that intensive or conventional tillage simply can’t match:

1.  Reduces labor, saves time

As little as one trip for planting compared to two or more tillage operations means...More