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EPA’s New CAFO Rule Changes “Duty to Apply” for NPDES Permit

October 2009, by Steve Werblow
Nutrient management plans and voluntary NPDES permits may be helpful to confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) – even if they do not discharge or don’t propose to discharge water from their operations.

Web Site is a Treasure Trove of Livestock Waste Management Information

April 2009, by Steve Werblow
Over the past two years, Partners has featured a series of articles on the latest tactics and technologies in livestock waste management, which represents both challenge and opportunity in the field.

Turning Manure into Energy

December 2008, by Steve Werblow
Barriers to the land application of manure – phosphorus-loaded soils, limited land base, high fuel and hauling costs – have raised burning questions for many livestock producers. Some have responded with burning answers: burning the manure as fuel in electrical generating facilities.

Wastewater Treatment Plants Dewater Dairy Manure

June 2008, by Steve Werblow
Nearly half the weight of dairy manure is water. It’s bulky, it’s heavy, and it’s inconvenient to handle. Rising fuel costs make hauling that water component prohibitively expensive, and environmental protection measures push the cost of lagoons toward the half-million-dollar mark or higher.

Integrated Manure Management: Good Neighbors, Good Business

March 2008, by Steve Werblow
There aren't many 15,000-head hog operations that open their doors to neighbors for an annual open house. But Meadowlane Farms of Frankfort, Ind., has built a national reputation for its manure management and conservation ethic.

Manure: What's It Worth?

October 2007, by Steve Werblow
With careful consideration and the right tools, there’s an improved bottom line to be found in livestock waste.

Anaerobic Digesters: A Community Approach

April 2007, by Steve Werblow

Manure management is an issue that doesn’t stop at the edge of the lagoon or the ditch at the fencerow – it’s a community issue, and some of those communities are finding collective solutions.

Planning Now Can Avoid Permit Later

February 2007, by Steve Werblow
The line between who needs an NPDES permit and who doesn’t isn’t always clear when it comes to livestock feeding operations - do you know where you stand?