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Panel Discussions: 30 Years of Putting Conservation on the Ground


Panel 1 - Looking Back on 30 Years of Agricultural Conservation

Moderator: Neil Strong, Retired Chair, CTIC
     - Jane Frankenberger,Head, Purdue University Cooperative Extension Soil & Water Engineering Program
     - Brent Haglund, President, Sand County Foundation
     - Bruce Knight, Principal and Founder, Strategic Conservation Solutions
     - Bill Richards, Chair, Richards Farms
     - Steve Taylor, President, Missouri Agribusiness Association


Panel 2 - Looking Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities for Agricultural Conservation

Moderator: Sara Wyant, President, Agri-Pulse Communications
     - Larry Clemens, Assistant State Director for Conservation Programs, The Nature Conservancy
     - Dan DeSutter, Owner, DeSutter Farms
     - Jerry Hatfield, Director, USDA-ARS National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment
     - Fred Luckey, Chairman, Field to Market
     - Jim Moseley, Former Deputy Secretary of Agriculture

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from Brett Begemann, President, Monsanto

Panel 1

Question 1: What technologies have advanced conservation most during the last three decades?
Question 2: How have public-private partnerships contributed to agricultural conservation?
Question 3: What outside factors have impacted agricultural conservation efforts? How? 

Panel 2

Question 1: What's on the horizon?
Question 2: What do you see as the biggest challenges or opportunities for conservation?