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Our Members Rave About CTIC Successes and Accomplishments

John Deere's Pauley Bradley serves on the CTIC Board of Directors.  John Deere is a 30-year member of CTIC. CTIC photo.
We focus on: 

Leading Initiatives
CTIC works with partners to lead initiatives addressing conservation agriculture's most important topics. These initiatives provide information which promotes agricultural systems that are both economically viable and environmentally beneficial. Members, grants, foundations and private donors fund our initiatives.

Providing Information
We recommend and promote conservation resources including web sites, documents, research results and our projects' progress and outcomes.

Building Coalitions
We link agribusinesses, farmers, non-profit organizations, associations, and local, state, regional and federal government agencies to address their common conservation agriculture issues. Our coalition-led initiatives range from small watershed projects to national events and conferences. With strength, wisdom and knowledge in numbers, CTIC’s coalitions work to disseminate information on new technologies and tools, to ensure conservation agriculture works on the ground.

Here's what our members say:
We've been involved with CTIC for all 30 years! Our participation has resulted in many meaningful experiences with growers, government officials and suppliers.
--Frank Lessiter, No-Till Farmer

CTIC began promoting no-till technology as early as 1983. Thirty years later, CTIC is still on the cutting edge of sharing conservation technology information with farmers and retailers. Well done!
--Ron Olson, The Mosaic Company
The CTIC team is extremely effective in promoting agricultural conservation practices that enhance soil quality and reduce environmental losses. The Fertilizer Institute is proud to partner on implementation of 4R-based practices (right nutrient source at the right rate, time and place) as a part of CTIC demonstration projects.
--Bill Herz, The Fertilizer Institute
CTIC excels in providing unbiased information to the public and private sectors. It is really difficult to measure all of the good CTIC has brought to the preservation and improvement of our natural resources. Happy 30th.
--Ray Brownfield, Land Pro, LLC
Wow, 30 years and still growing! CTIC provides a unique opportunity for Monsanto and all other members to champion new practices, new technologies and new systems for increasing the effectiveness of conservation across all of American agriculture. Let’s keep it growing!
--David I. Gustafson, Monsanto Company
CTIC membership allows us to meet with industry, academia, trade associations, government and, most importantly, growers. As a group, we discuss agricultural and environmental issues to ensure the economic viability of agriculture while protecting air, soil and water quality.
--Timothy J. Healey, Koch Agronomic Services
I am proud to be part of an organization dedicated to improving methods used in farming operations for the preservation of our natural resources.
--Joe Glassmeyer, Clermont County Soil and Water Conservation District