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Nutrients in Our Environment- Past, Present and Beyond

What: Nutrient Management Conference
: February 18, 2010 (8:30 am – 4:00 pm, Central time)
Where: Verizon Wireless Center, 1 Civic Center Plaza Mankato, Minnesota

Commercial fertilizer and livestock manure are recognized assets to agricultural operations. They both contain essential plant nutrients which enhance crop yields when properly applied to soils. Nutrients can be managed efficiently with the latest techniques and technologies, to avoid the potential financial and environmental risks of nitrogen and phosphorus reaching surface and ground water. Learn about research developments and new tools for improving on-farm nutrient efficiency.


- Dr. Albert Sims, University of Minnesota
- Dr. C.S. Snyder, International Plant Nutrition Institute

- Brian Williams, Minnesota Department of Ag
- Dr. John F. Moncrief, University of Minnesota

- Jeff Vetsch, University of Minnesota
- Dr. Gary Sands, University of Minnesota
- Dr. John Lamb, University of Minnesota

- Dr. Jose A. Hernandez, University of Minnesota
- Dr. Dennis Frame, University of Wisconsin

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